Bra FAQs

Are there plus-size bras available that are pretty and functional?
For women with larger busts, finding a bra with style and function doesn't have to be difficult. It is as important for a woman to have lingerie that looks good, as it is to have the right fit and support. After all, if you feel good inside, you want to project that same confidence on the outside. viagabra bras do just that. Made with beautiful lace and breathable fabrics, these bras are specifically designed for full-size women. They provide enough support for the breasts that you can feel confident, secure, and sexy, at the same time. viagabra bras have technology built into each bra: from our hot melt technology, foam cup research, and development to double layered sides and cushioned straps. All these technologies come together to make a bra that is supportive, smooth and slimming for all day comfort.

What is the basic design of a bra?
To understand how a bra should fit, it is important to understand bra structure. A bra consists of cups~ an area to hold the breasts, a band ~ which goes around the body to hold the bra in place, a center gore~ which acts as a stabilizer for the bra, and shoulder straps on each side. The bra should have a fastener for adjustment purposes on either the front or the back of the bra. Some bra designs incorporate padding to give a look of additional fullness and lift. The band around the body should bear the weight your breasts; not the shoulder straps.

What is the most common mistake that women make trying to find their correct bra size?
The most common mistake among full-figured and plus-size women is buying a bra with cups that are too small and compensating by going up to a band size that is too big for them. Find out what your measurements are and only buy bras that are made specifically for your measurements.

Why is it important to have a proper fitting bra?

Wearing the wrong bra size can result in unsightly bumps, bulges, backaches and other medical conditions. Avoid these problems by using the viagabra fit guide to find the best fitting bra.

How do I know when my bra does not fit properly?

Use the viagabra Bra fit guide to identify an ill-fitting bra and get some fit tips! Some immediate signs are:
Rising back band: When your bra rises in the back, this means it is not supporting the weight of your bust.
Falling Breasts: Your breasts are not being properly supported if they do not sit upright in the center of your chest.
Falling Straps: If your straps slide down your shoulders or leave red marks in your flesh, your bra may be too big around the bust and too small in the cup area.

What is the best way to put on a bra?

Wearing your bra properly is as important as finding the correct bra to wear. Use these steps:
Place your arms through the straps and slide them over your shoulders.
Bend forward from the waist and adjust your breasts so that the nipples are at the fullest point of the cup. Make sure your breasts are completely in the cup.
Fasten the hooks to the middle position
Stand up straight and adjust your straps again, so your breasts are at the right level in the bra

I have narrow shoulders, and my straps keep falling. What should I do?
Women with narrow shoulders need to find a bra style with close-set or convertible straps. One great solution is the viagabra Perfect Plunge Bra with Convertible Straps. This bra can be worn conventionally, crisscrossed or haltered. It’s like having three great bras in one!

What is the benefit of a wider bra strap?
Full-figure women may find more comfort and support in bras with wider straps. Comfortable straps are of focus at viagabra, where all bras are designed to have a slightly wider, cushioned strap for your everyday comfort. Thin straps can distress the shoulders due to the amount of pressure exerted on a thinner piece of fabric. Wider straps alleviate some of the pressure and can help properly support large breasts without causing stress in the shoulder and arms.

What is the best way to care for my bras?
All-around bra care is important whether your bra is underwire or soft cup. It is always best to follow the garment's care instructions. The most common washing instructions include hand wash and line/flat dry. It is also important to rotate the bras in your bra wardrobe, so your bras wear evenly.